Alvaro Noboa

Alvaro Noboa

The greatest Homage Bestowed on Luis Noboa, The Greatest Monuments to Him, are Really the Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural and Financial Entities he Himself Established... More »

Luis A. Noboa Naranjo

Luis A. Noboa Naranjo

Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Was Born in Ambato on February 1, 1916, and is Birth Registered on the 8th by his uncle, Jorge P. Naranjo. The Certificate States: That in Combined Volume 1, Page 63, Record 186 of the Registry of Births of Ambato Region, Corresponding to 1916... More »

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Recent News

The Recent News of the Alvaro Noboa - Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum. Find Out About the Biennales, Expositions and the Recent Events... More »



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ESAI opens a classroom in honor of businessman Luis Noboa Naranjo.


ESAI Business School, the Business School of the Espíritu Santo University (UEES), inaugurated its master class “Luis Noboa Naranjo” on Wednesday, August 15, 2018, during a cocktail held at its facilities.

This classroom, which will be the cradle of training for entrepreneurs from all over the world, bears his name in honor of Ecuador’s most important businessman in the 20th century, Luis Noboa Naranjo, founder of Industrial Molinera and Exportadora Bananera Noboa.

The Econ. Alberto Dahik Garzozi, Director of ESAI Business School, offered the words of welcome to those present, highlighting the importance of this act:

“This classroom will serve so that future entrepreneurs who are trained in ESAI have in mind the best employer that Ecuador has had and learn from their actions.” Isabel Noboa and Alvaro Noboa Pontón, sons of the honoree, gave the opening words of the classroom, recalling the qualities of his father and thanking the university for this recognition.

“My father was a man who left his mark on our country and I thank the UEES for keeping it in the memory of the young people.” The toast was in charge of Dr. Joaquin Hernandez Alvarado, Rector UEES and after the blessing of the room officiated by Richard Alarcón, parish priest of the institution, the cutting of the ribbon that officially opened the classroom was carried out.

The event was attended by family and friends of the honoree, as well as well-known politicians and businessmen from the sector. (I)

VI International Painting Biennial of Guayaquil “Alvaro Noboa Pontón”



The Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, invites national and foreign artists to participate in the VI International Painting Biennial of Guayaquil “ÁLVARO NOBOA PONTÓN” to be held from April 26 to May 28, 2018, as a contribution from the institution , to artists to Art and to world culture. 

1. The Biennial has the water.

2. The VI Biennial is mainly aimed at the young painters of the world, although all theplastic artists can participate.

3. It will regulate the effect of the following regulations:

4. All national and foreign artists can participate.

5. The technique to be used will be Oil, Acrylic on canvas, the format should not exceed 1.50 x1.50 and with a Minimum of 0.80 x 0.80.

6. Only 1 work will be accepted per artist.

7. The rights over the awarded works will be transferred to the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum

8. The works must be accompanied by the author’s basic information, photographs of him and of the worksparticipants for advertising, press and Museum Archive, and will be received until 7:00 pm on Friday, April 13, 2018. They can also be delivered directly to the Museum’s administration offices located at P. Icaza 302 and Cordova (Esq.) Edif. Seguros Cóndor 1st Floor, Guayaquil to Mrs. María Idrovo Quezada Deputy Director of the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum.

9. The artists will deliver a work properly framed and ready for exhibition in the museum offices.

10. The cost of packaging and transportation roundtrip of the works will be borne by the participating artist.

11. The works from abroad, whose author wants to send, must be done by a specialized mail and cargo transport company such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, or its similar to Mrs. María Idrovo Quezada or Mr. Pablo Martinez Rojas until Tuesday, March 20, 2018. With the instructions for its return, in case of not winning any of the acquisition prizes stipulated in article 12 of this regulation.

12. We will not accept express, or national mail. The works must also come without price and declared worthless, since they come for a competition. Works that do not meet the aforementioned requirements will not be accepted. The Museum Luis A. Noboa Naranjo, is not responsible for damage suffered by the works during transport and exhibition, but will put all means at your disposal for your best care.

13. The following Acquisition prizes will be awarded:1st Grand Prize Acquisition “Álvaro Noboa” 10,000 US dollars 2nd Prize Acquisition 3,000 US dollars

14. The prizes are indivisible and the awarded works will become part of the Museum’s collection.

15. The prizes will be given to the winning artists on the day of the inauguration, after reading the verdict.

16. The jury will be made up of renowned artists and / or art critics and will be the same for admission as for the awarding of works.

17. The decision of the jury will be unappealable and the participating artists at the moment of registering their works will accept in all its parts this regulation.

18. Each artist must withdraw the works, once the VI Biennial is concluded, in the Museum’s offices showing the document that was given to him upon receiving the work.

19. The works not admitted must be withdrawn within 30 days of the inauguration and those that are admitted in accordance with the provisions of numeral 5 of these regulations, within 15 days of the closure, in the offices of the Museum.

20. Any unforeseen event will be resolved by the Museum Director.


Ab. Pablo Martínez Rojas

Director of the Museum

Expoteque 2017


The luis noboa naranjo museum is delighted to invite you to the photographic exhibition of fotoclub guayaquil, to be held on thursday, september 14 at 7:00 pm, in p. icaza 302 y cordoba 1st floor, seguros cóndor building.


dress code (cocktail)


Pablo Martinez Rojas


250 artists participated in the II International Biennial of Photography of Guayaquil

‘Bye, bye birdies’ by Indonesian Preme Handoko
won the first place in II International Biennial of Photography


250 artists participated in the II International Biennial of Photography of Guayaquil

“Alvaro Noboa Ponton”

On the night of Thursday, April 27, the opening of the II International Biennial of Photography of Guayaquil “Alvaro Noboa Ponton” was held at the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum.

The event, organized by the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum and sponsored by the Ecuadorian businessman and philanthropist Alvaro Noboa Ponton, and directed by the by FotoClub Guayaquil, featured the participation of 250 national and foreign artists from 24 countries on four continents (America, Africa, Asia and Europe).

Curator Javier Paz, president of FotoClub Guayaquil and five national and international judges, including Chantal Fontaine, Bruno Bacigalupo, Rodrigo Bermejo, Jorge Massuco and Ricardo Cauce, were in charge of the difficult task of selecting the best three photographs among a total of 100.

· First Prize ‘Alvaro Noboa Ponton’ ($ 3,000): “Bye, bye birdies” by Indonesian Preme Handoko
· Second Prize ($ 2,000): “Colores cruzados” by Ecuadorian Vicente Manssur.
· Third Prize ($ 1,000): “Youth” by Bielorrusian Victor Serkov.

“Waiting for the miracle of faith” by Ecuadorian Roberto Martinez, “Momento decisivo” by Spanish Begonia Lozano, “Nuestro sustento diario” by Colombian Jorge Gutierrez, “De Nochistlán under the water” by Mexican Carlos Galindo, “Framing the Monalisa” by Argentine Rodrigo Rodriguez, “Starking work” by Ecuadorian Santiago Garcia, “Greece-United States” by American Taylor Olson, “Citizen of the street” by Ecuadorian Rolando Quishpe, “Thirst in the rain” by Ecuadorian Tania Chincay, “Iguana detail” by Robinson Chiquito” received mentions of honor.

“The II International Biennial of Photography of Guayaquil ‘Alvaro Noboa Ponton,’ is a statement that we are continually supporting art, culture, and education at national and international level; As a pioneer in the course of history, this event is becoming one of the most important in Latin America, we are proud of our collaboration with photography artists around the world,” said the Ecuadorian philanthropist Alvaro Noboa, director and founder of the Luis A. Noboa Museum, during his speech.”

Noboa stressed that the 100 photographs selected will be part of a book, the LANN museum will launch, “so that we are authors of that art history,” he concluded.
The II International Biennial of Photography of Guayaquil “Alvaro Noboa” will be open to the public from Thursday, April 27 to Wednesday, May 31 of this year. Admission to this exhibition is free. The Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum is located in P. Icaza 302 y Gral. Córdoba, Edif. Seguros Cóndor, first floor, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

II International Biennial of Photography of Guayaquil


Opening of
The II International Biennial of Photography of Guayaquil
“Alvaro Noboa Ponton”
The opening of the II International Photography Biennial of Guayaquil “Alvaro Noboa Ponton” will be held this Thursday, April 27th, starting at 7:00 pm at the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum (P. Icaza 302 y Gral. Cordova, Edif. Seguros Cóndor, first floor).
Artists from five continents will take part in this event, organized by the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum and sponsored by Ecuadorian businessman and philanthropist Alvaro Noboa Ponton. FotoClub Guayaquil will be in charge of the coordination.
A select jury composed of recognized photography professionals will evaluate the works, and utterly announce the names of the winners of the contest on the night of the opening of the Biennial.
· First Prize ‘Alvaro Noboa Ponton’: $ 3,000
· Second Prize: $ 2,000
· Third Prize: $ 1,000.
The pictographic exhibition will be open to the public from Thursday, April 27 to Wednesday, May 31 of this year, according to museum representatives.

Photographic history of Guayaquil captured in the Expoteque 2016

Eighty-five photographs were displayed last night at the opening of the photographic exhibition ‘EXPOTEQUE 2016’ at the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum.
22 members of the Guayaquil FotoClub and 8 of the Cuenca FotoClub participated in the sample, a total of 30 authors, including: Polo Umpierrez, Allan Leon, Carlos Ribadeneira, Mariuxi Zambrano, Edmundo Morla, Raul Garcia, Robinson Chiquito, Jefferson Castro, Rafael Robayo, Roberto Ledesma, Washington Izquierdo, Giovanni Zalco, Rafael Rosales, Bruno Bacigalupo, Esperanza Fernandez, Diego Guerrero, Matias Reque, Vicente Manzur, Alejandro Oviedo, Jonathan Bazan, William Temdo, Javier Paz, David Quishpe, Santiago Garcia, Esteban Cherrez, Mauricio Velez, Rolando Quishpe, Victor Goyo, Juan Tosi and Juan Carlos Arango.
The images exposed for the Expoteque 2016 (portraits, landscapes, still lifes, nature, etc.) are the result of photos chosen during the Photo Review event, held once a month at the Guayaquil FotoClub, where images are rated with a score ranging from 1 to 5. The photo with the lowest score must be burnt and ‘never see the light again’ (1), and the most prominent reaches the highest rating: 5 for its excellence.
After this selection, the Expoteque 2016 takes place, a photographic sample held by the Guayaquil FotoClub for the third consecutive year. The novelty is that this is the first time this exhibition takes place in the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum. This is also the first time the Guayaquil FotoClub has invited the Cuenca FotoClub to participate with 10 photographs of authors from Cuenca.
As a contribution to the culture of our country, this time the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum along with the Guayaquil FotoClub, undertook the task of organizing the “Expoteque 2016,” a magnificent example of art, whose photographs are on display at the LANN museum halls from September 22 until October 13, 2016.
It is noteworthy that the first event organized by the Guayaquil FotoClub took place in 2014 at the Casona Universitaria; in 2015 it was held at the National Institute of Cultural Heritage in las Peñas; and this year at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum.
Those interested in becoming part of the the Guayaquil FotoClub “must attend the events we organize and publish on our Facebook page (FotoClub Guayaquil). After attending three times, you automatically are an active member,” said Javier Paz, a member of the Guayaquil FotoClub, whose premises are located in the Santa Maria University.
guayaquil_historia_fotografica_museo_luis_noboa_naranjo_1 guayaquil_historia_fotografica_museo_luis_noboa_naranjo_2